Mantano Reader for Android 1.5, a great milestone!

So good I bought it twice! I’ve tried all the rest, Mantano and the team blow all the rest out of the water. A+ for the app and A+ to the devs.

Almost perfect!!! I downloaded all the Ebook and PDF apps I could find… I uninstalled all the others.

We’ve released it yesterday. Mantano Reader 1.5 is a major milestone for us, really a big step forward. That’s why we’ve jumped a few version numbers, from 1.2.4 to 1.5. As I said in my previous post, this is hopefully not the end of the road, just the beginning of a new era.

We’ve improved the user experience for Android Honeycomb tablets, conforming to the specific UI guidelines for this platform. To be honest, a few “pre-honeycomb” relics remain but we really had to publish a release: the previous one was published more than 7 weeks ago! An eternity for an Android app…

The long-awaited support for collections is finally there, and for good measure we’ve made collections hierarchical: you can nest them without any limit:

Collections hierarchy

Hierarchical collections

We’ve added a new side panel in the book reader (on tablets with large displays). It provides a quick access to the Table of Contents, Notes and Bookmarks:

Side navigation panel

Side navigation panel

This side panel is synchronized with the page. If you turn a page, the corresponding entries in the list are highlighted (thanks to a larger border as you can see on the previous screenshot).

This right-side panel can also be “pinned”:

Pinned side panel

Pinned side panel

Of course you can navigate to a page by clicking on a specific highlight.

Highlights with associated notes

Highlights with notes

For scholars and professionals, we’ve added a report generator. The generated reports can be sent by email or shared by any available means!

Consolidated notes

Consolidated notes

For such an important release, which aims at preparing the way to the future synchronization and collaboration features, we’ve done our very best to tame the problems implied by the endless diversity of Android devices available. A huge THANK YOU to all our beta testers. They’ve have faced high risks: this release contains a huge database refactoring: we badly needed to make sure that we would not break our user’s data. It didn’t…