Mantano Reader

Mantano Reader screenshots

More than an ereader

  • a library organizer
  • a notebook
  • an OPDS explorer
  • a learning tool
  • … a companion in so many activities!

…for all types of users

  • Leisure readers
  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Business&Terrain Professionals

Find your books with tags, search filters, sorts and the search function. Rate them, see the progress bar of each in the details view, access the book information.

Reading EPUB or PDF, for work or leisure, you benefit from the level of requirements that have been set by professional users, in terms of power, stability and features.

Customize display

Zoom and adjust the brightness to your convenience. Customize everything as you like, from margins to layout, fonts and colors.

Supports Adobe DRM

Read your Adobe DRM-protected books, with ID or password protection as well. The Mantano Reader will not let your DRMed books remain hermetic !

  • customize the display by choosing between many different layout options,
  • import books from the SD Card or the internal memory, or even from email attachments,
  • add tags to your documents to organize them,
  • search and filter,
  • share documents by email, or through any other suitable application (Evernote…)

 Managing books in Mantano Reader

  • browse the preconfigured OPDS books catalogs,
  • add your prefered ones,
  • donwload free and paid books and automatically add them to your library
  • Highlight text, take text or sketch notes, during your reading. Find them again later in the book
  • Share your notes by email, or through any other suitable application (Evernote…).
Manage your notes
  • lookup a word in a dictionary or on the web and add it to your notes,
  • View and organize all your your notes, including words, highlights and notes attached to highlights in your books,
Enjoy Text to Speech

If you prefer, let the vocal synthesis read for you a selection of text, a page, or a whole book. The pages will be turned as the voice reads.

Easy file management

Select precisely the books that you want to import thanks to the integrated File Explorer or choose the folders that you want your Library to be synchronized with.

Why choose Mantano Reader?

  • An ambitious and innovative software
  • Best-in-class speed
  • Tons of features
  • Suitable both for leisure and serious reading
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices and display sizes
  • Constantly improving
  • Quickly adopted by the community
  • Professional support

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