So starting out with the trial I was amazed by how fast this app was, and within a few minutes of use I knew I had found the best reader on the market. The UI looks good and is easy to use, there are tons of features and Mantano has an amazing support group. Definitely worth every penny!! My favourite feature is the zoom-fixing. Just fantastic!

– Michiel
Android Market

Page to page flipping on large EPUB file is very smooth on Mantano; whereas, on (competitor name erased) essentially every page flip I had to wait at least 2-5 seconds. When it comes to PDF. This flies. 80MB PDF opened in no time.
Undoubtly professionally built UI quality. Table of content has collapsible tree. Very clean and intuitive.
Among the all I tried, this beats everything else by far.

– Takashi Takahashi
Amazon App Store

This reader not only offers a shelf-like UI for all your books, it also supports PDF-files with all the features you could dream of. Zoom-level fixing, centering of the page, margin-cropping and additional things like annotations, notes, a dictionary and more things i have not tried out yet. Im totally WOW’ed. This is a dream come true for anyone enjoying books on their android-device.

– schmolch
Android Market

Reads all PDFs and is the fastest pdf reader. Can flick through pages as if it were a printed book. Well worth $5. Must have.

– mchael
Android Market

Thank you Thank you !

– inspirethespirit
Android Market

Mantano Reader is a sufficient reason for me to continue to use a tablet computer; it is even better than (…) for Windows! And its excellent customer support and readiness to listen to customers are also commendable.
From the next academic year I will read handouts of my courses with this Mantano-loaded tablet computer..

– Tsvi Sadan
TS-Blog on blogspot

MANTANO Reader – a great new find !

– gamermd
Archosfan Forum

I was also impressed how well magazines are displayed in your reader (…)
It is very customisable, much more than any other readers I have tried.

– savethebutterfly
Mobileread Forum

Works like a charm! It’s fast (especially PDF’s), lot’s of options to customize the reading experience, looks good.

– DutchJohn
Mobileread Forum

Superb, can’t rate this highly enough. Best eReader. First class support from the developers. Worth every penny.

– runix20
Android Market

I have tried just about ALL of the available pdf readers and this one is the best – especially if you read ebooks.

– David
Android Market

Despite youngest of all, this is already the best and this is what I was looking for.

– HoushaSen
Android Market

Best epub,pdf reader. UI, resizing, options superior to (competitor name erased). First app to display epub images 100% correct. Wish it had .cbr support for comics.

– Black
Android Market

If I can only keep one ebook reader, the choice would no doubt be Mantano reader.

– wbhuang
Slide Me

Le meilleur visionneur de livrels. J’ai essay√© plusieurs visionneurs de livrels, et seul Mantano r√©pond √† tous mes besoins: – il lit les ePub et PDF avec GDN (¬´DRM¬ª), il peut ajuster l’affichage des PDF – il supporte les signets – il permet √©tiquetage (¬´tags¬ª) – il permet d’importer de n’importe quel volume (carte m√©moire, cl√© USB) – il permet d’avoir notre propre hi√©rarchie de dossiers et de fichiers – il est activement d√©velopp√©, et a tr√®s rapidement √©t√© adapt√© aux tablettes Android 3. il fonctionne tr√®s bien sur Acer Iconia Tab A500.

– SylvainC
Android Market

Subito diventato il reader preferito. Al momento non ho ancora trovato un funzionalita’ mancante, tra quelle che servono. Vale tutti i soldi spesi.

– carolus
Android Market

This app is awesome.

– Michael
Android Market

This reading app rocks! It’s ten times faster than other paid competitors. It is not the most feature rich reading app, but the crop feature is great

– Annemieke
Android Market