Mantano – Consulting et Innovation

Mantano (Μανθανω) means “to learn”, and it’s not just a name…

Keen learners, we peel the “hype” and focus on the core values of emerging technologies.

Pragmatic Consultancy

While still very young, we can say we are pretty seasoned… Always happy to assist your most challenging projects, our hindsight will help reaching minimalism and performances. And never forgetting passion and fun!

E-Reading Solutions

Whitelabel E-Reading apps

Your branded reading app based on our best-in-class Bookari reader!

E-books distribution service

Protect your ebooks, distribute your catalogs through mobile apps and a website thanks to our multichannel distribution platform. Use our Loyalizr technology for the “last mile” to smoothly provide your samples and ebooks to your customers.

LCP Protection service

Protect your ebooks with the user-friendly Licensed Content Protection created by the Readium Foundation and developed by Mantano. Fully supported by our Bookari apps.

Released ! Assimil Learning Language Apps Collection

Designed new innovative e-publishing & distribution solution to transform XML contents into mobile apps and publishes them on the iTunes and Google Play markets, boosting their discoverability and audience.

Your contents can already be interactive Epub 3 books, or collections of XML and audio / video files. Once transformed into Epub 3 if needed, use our web-based tools to package and publish them.

Discover the collection of iOS and Android apps that Assimil, the famous self-study language learning publisher, has created with this solution.

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